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On-Demand Job Provider | Best Temporary Jobs Online Freelance jobs rise as firms become acquainted with remote working

Demand for freelance occupations is on the rise as organizations get continuously used to the virtual workplace and remote working, and now and again observe cutting fixed employee costs post the Covid-19 outbreak.
As per Flexing It gig platform, there was a 75% spike in the number of freelance positions revealed in April, while HR technology solutions firm PeopleStrong estimates that 25-30% of the workforce in sectors, for instance, internet business companies, IT, ITES, startups, hospitality, quick service restaurants (QSR), retail and logistics will get changed over to freelance occupations over some time.

Large companies in sectors like IT and IT-enabled services, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, education, professional services, and consulting are at present investigating utilizing freelance talent more than ever, industry specialists said.

Such a move would cut down recurring employee cost since payment would be made project-based, provide the upside of flexible staffing based on business needs, and help companies with increasing their talent pool. Hiring freelancers is possible from different regions and geographies and can get support remotely.
Top freelance skills in demand include data analytics, cloud computing, business planning, market entry procedure, SAP execution pro, data engineering, product manager, digital marketing, brand organizer, and market researcher.

Digital marketing: Highest-paying freelance job

As per CNBC, Digital marketing is one of the 25 most rewarding freelance jobs in 2020. This list of occupations can win $90,000 or more range from contract law and data visualization expert to digital marketing expert, according to Upwork.

Job classification: Marketing strategy
Sample career: Digital marketing consultant; copywriter; B2B promoting expert
Hourly rate: $50
Yearly rate: $100,000


You Can Earn a High-Paying Job without a Degree: Concentrate on What You Love
Are you enthusiastic about telling stories, making something magnificent, or creating dynamic networks? Here are 5 skills you can develop to make a change of your passion into a money-making, high-reward profession:

1. Freelance Writing – Median Salary: $52,800
2. Content Marketing – Median Salary: $56,780
3. Content Strategy –Median Salary: $70,000
4. Web Development – Median Salary: $68,500
5. SEO & Digital Marketing – Median Salary: $50,000

Digital and Coding Skills to Succeed In a Post-Coronavirus World

There is no denying that due to coronavirus, the digital transformation of organizations got a lift; in this way, specialists with digital skills, including coding, web development, and digital marketing, will end up being much more important than they are right now.

Digital businesses who want to keep their operations running —and thriving—during financial downturns or pandemics that make eye-to-eye business impossible or less efficient will be on the must-hire list. Besides, ALL companies are currently digital-based in some way or another, so the opportunities to give digital skills to work are endless.

Job Role: Digital Marketing Specialist

DM specialists will work closely with various people from the Marketing team, as well as Sales, Product and Customer Success to develop and create email communications, database marketing systems and concentrated on campaigns. The results of which will be assessed through gains in engagement, leads, opportunities and revenue.

Required Skills

• Capable in email marketing fundamentals, best practices and plan
• Ability to outline marketing ideas to division, channel, and content procedures that execute on time and deliver a most extraordinary impact
• Significant knowledge on digital marketing, attribution, email acquisition and support methodologies
• Knowledge and experience maintaining a marketing database including strategies for data collection, argumentation and segmentation. Experience with using Salesforce campaigns for segmentation and estimation is a plus
• Significant knowledge of marketing automation platforms - Pardot experience highly preferred
• Analytical interest and ability to dive into data to pull insights/trends related to the campaign/business
• Working experience on email marketing creative, development best practices, and CAN-SPAM laws
• Incredible verbal and written communication capacities
• Significantly self-prodded, including the ability to work independently and partner efficiently with associates to achieve anticipated results when required
• Fantastic project management skills with proven capacity to manage different projects and deliver results

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