YouEmerge is a total arts and entertainment eCommerce marketplace with award winning management support. YouEmerge helps artists sell unique products, music and craft-work to interested buyers around the world. Connect with us and experience the YouEmerge difference and let us start a conversation about you.

    The mission of YouEmerge is to create the best possible ecosystem for artists and merchants to share and earn money from their work and to enrich the lives of the customers who buy them. YouEmerge is built to be a global marketplace where buyers and sellers around the world can make, sell and buy uncommon goods and services online.

     We believe that art is an indispensable part of culture. It is easy to think of art as a luxury, but arts and cultural productions contribute nearly one trillion dollars to the US economy every year. For the culture of art to thrive, artists must be compensated fairly. The business of YouEmerge, as the name implies, is built around artists and their clients. The artist is paramount because you are the brand. YouEmerge is a marketplace where artists can reach clients to showcase their talents and sell their goods. We define art production in the broadest possible sense which includes makers of unique goods and services and the merchants who represent their brands and distribute their products.

    Customers are the reason that both the artists/makers and the YouEmerge marketplace exist. We are dedicated to serving customers at the highest level. We are committed to establishing and sustaining long term relationships between artists and customers while exceeding service expectations. Our goal is to provide an extraordinary experience for all YouEmerge stakeholders.

     When you buy something at YouEmerge 85% of your money goes directly to the seller. The remainder goes to payment processor fees, operating costs and YouEmerge operating revenue. Currently we provide for the sale of downloadable digital content but in the coming weeks we will include the sale of physical goods. As an added feature we enable the sale of services without fees to buyers and sellers. So if you are looking for your next gig you can list your availability free of charge at YouEmerge.

      We believe we are off to a good start, but this is just the beginning. We continue to work tirelessly to build an environment conducive to the exposure, development and financial success of our sellers and to the delight of our buyers. Whether you’re an artist, musician, a skilled craftsperson, a merchant, a consumer of art, a label or agent looking for new talent, or a guest just stopping by to browse, we hope you’ll be a vital part of YouEmerge.com   Signup for updates as we move forward