• Manage Products

    How to Manage PRODUCTS

    To set up products or merchandise for sale on a YouEmerge-powered website, and specifically manage product categories and implement a shipping tracker, follow these detailed steps. This assumes you have user-level permissions that allow you to list products:

    1. Log In and Access Your Profile

    Log into the YouEmerge site with your user credentials. Navigate to your profile, which is the hub for managing your offerings and settings.

    1. Locate the Product Management Section

    Find the section on your profile labeled "Products." This is where you can manage all product-related activities.

    1. Add a New Product

    Click on the “+” button labeled to Create New Product." This starts the process of listing a new item.

    1. Enter Product Details

    You will need to fill out various fields to create your product listing:

    • Product Name: Give your product a clear, descriptive name.
    • Description: Provide a detailed description highlighting its features and benefits.
    • Price: Set the price for your product.
    • Photos: Upload high-quality images showing different angles and details of the product.
    • Stock Quantity: Indicate how many units are available if it's a physical product.
    1. Set Up Product Categories
    • Create/Edit Categories: Look for an option to manage categories within the product section of your profile. You can typically create new categories or edit existing ones to keep your products organized and allow shoppers to find them more easily.
    • Assign Categories: When adding or editing a product, select the appropriate category from a dropdown menu or create a new category if necessary. This helps customers find your product through search and filters.
    1. Implement Shipping Information and Tracker
    • Shipping Options: Provide details about available shipping methods, costs, and the geographical areas you serve.
    • Shipping Tracker: Integrate a shipping tracking feature. You may need to input a tracking number manually for each order or connect with a shipping API that updates tracking information automatically.
    1. Upload Digital Products

    If selling digital items (e.g., artwork, music files, eBooks), upload the files or provide secure links for customers to access after purchase.

    1. Review and Publish Your Product

    Double-check all information for accuracy. Save or submit your listing. Depending on the site's settings, it might go live immediately or in some cases require admin approval.

    1. Promote Your Product

    Utilize platform features for promotion, such as social media sharing, featured listing options, or engaging in community forums.

    1. Order Management

    Monitor incoming orders. For physical goods, manage inventory and ensure timely shipping. For digital goods, ensure access is granted promptly after purchase.

    1. Provide Excellent Customer Service

    Respond to customer inquiries and resolve any issues to maintain a good seller reputation.


    • Quality and Clarity: Ensure your listings are clear, accurate, and visually appealing to attract more buyers.
    • Stay Informed: Regularly check the platform’s guidelines and updates to optimize your selling strategies.
    • Responsive Customer Support: Quick and effective responses to customer inquiries or issues can lead to better reviews and repeat customers.

    If specific features like detailed shipping trackers or category management aren't apparent on your profile, consult the YouEmerge support or community forums for guidance. These resources can provide additional insights into maximizing the capabilities of your YouEmerge site. Or use our Contact feature on the main menu to get support for your questions