• How to Add SERVICES


    If you are a general user on a YouEmerge-powered website looking to set up services for sale on your profile, you will need to follow these instructions. This feature depends on the permissions set by the site administrator for your account which determines access to the modules installed on the platform. Here’s how you can generally proceed:

    1. Access Your Profile

    Log into the YouEmerge website with your credentials. Once logged in, navigate to your user profile where you manage your content and settings.

    1. Locate the Services Section

    Your profile will have a section dedicated to services. This module is labeled as "Services” on your user profile. Click on SERVICES.

    1. Add a New Service

    Look for the option to add a new service. This is the “+” to add a service. Click on this to start setting up a new service and simply follow the instructions.

    1. Fill Out Service Details

    You will be prompted to fill out details about the service you are offering. This typically includes:

    • Service Name: The title of your service.
    • Description: A detailed description of what the service includes and why it’s beneficial.
    • Pricing: How much you are charging for the service.
    • Duration: The length of the service session, if applicable.
    • Images or Videos: Visual content to enhance your listing.
    • Categories/Tags: Helps users find your service through search and filters.


    1. Set Availability

    Set your availability for providing the service. This involves scheduling options or indicating how often you can provide the service.

    1. Save and Publish

    Once you have filled out all necessary fields, review the information, and save or submit the service for review. Once reviewed by YouEmerge, your service will go live immediately.

    1. Promote Your Service

    After your service is live, use tools available on the platform to promote your service. This includes sharing on social media, participating in community discussions, or using any of the promotional features offered by the platform.

    1. Manage Orders and Customer Interaction

    Once your service is active and available for purchase, monitor any orders or bookings that come in. Interact with your customers to provide them with the service they purchased. You might also need to manage payments and feedback through the platform.


    • Check the Terms: Make sure you understand the terms of service and any fees that might be involved in selling services on the platform.
    • Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service can help you build a good reputation and encourage repeat business.

    If you need specific guidance on features or encounter issues, it's a good idea to reach out to the site administrator via our “Contact” button on the site main menu or check any of our help resources provided by the website.

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